Monday, March 07, 2011

Knowledge corruption & Facebook authentication

Just wanted to give an update on what's been going on. We recently added Facebook authentication to the site because we were seeing some unwanted data manipulation. We tried recovering as much data as we could. Apologies to those who have added to the site and saw their postings corrupted with gibberish. The good news is that for the last several weeks since putting in place the authentication system, we haven't seen any unwanted changes in the postings. Unfortunately, the experiment to have a completely open system where people can add Austin Hip-Hop Knowledge didn't go as planned, but needed a little adjustment. So now just log in with your Facebook account and you can post to the site and gets posted to your Facebook wall. Isn't that cool!

Is everyone ready for SXSW?! We'll be rolling out some new features to the site for SXSW so stay tuned!

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