Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Knuckle Rumbler Presents... Official Big Boi After Party - The Scoot Inn - December

From the check back tomorrow department... Knuckle Rumbler Presents... Official Big Boi After Party @ The Scoot Inn, Dec 4th!

Also check back tomorrow morning on the AHHS Facebook Page for your chance to win a pair of Big Boi tickets!


DEC. 4 @ THE SCOOT INN - SUPA DUPA PURPLE HAZE: MISSY ELLIOT VS. JIMI HENDRIX | Doors at 9pm | Official Knuckle Rumbler Big Boi After Party

No more gossipin folks we know its been too long since our last versus event. And with the Big Boi show December 4, the wind’s just right for a dance party with two artists that have influenced us more than many others, Jimi Hendrix and Missy Elliot.

Planet rockas Orion and Prince Klassen have saddled up the blue madina (alwayz beamin) and are taking you on the electric highway around the 3rd stone from the sun to the land of the Supa Dupa Purple Haze where the clouds stay low and the people stay high. Come lose control to the head bangas with the heartbreakas and lovemakas December 4 at the Scoot Inn with us and hope you can find your way back to reality.

Annie Ray will be passing the dutch in the photo booth.

You won’t have to fight crosstown traffic to find the hottest Big Boi after party – walk over to the Scoot Inn for some Supa Dupa Purple Haze – $3 with Big Boi wristband / stub. Get ready to lick shots, no platinum visas needed. Free entry with afro (real or wig)!

Oh ya and we are going to have a special guest performance at midnight...


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