Thursday, August 12, 2010

Destiny by Design back at Kealing this Fall

From the for the kids department... Robert Gabriel writes...

The Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center is proud to announce that the Destiny by Design afterschool program will be returning to Austin’s Kealing Middle School this Fall semester.

After four consecutive, enriching semesters teaching hip-hop history, production and performance by way of the Destiny by Design afterschool program at Kealing Middle School, the Narcisse-Banks staff diverted all of its attention this past Spring to facilitating an earthquake relief mission to Haiti. When the kids at Kealing who had previously been a part of Destiny by Design heard that our curriculum director, Jules Narcisse would be traveling to Port au Prince to distribute necessities, they organized a fundraising drive on their own accord, which wound up significantly aiding the cause.

This Fall, the Kealing students will surely be gratified that Destiny by Design classes will now benefit from a new contributing teacher, Riddlore of the legendary Los Angeles rap group CVE. Riddlore is stupendously proficient as both a producer and an emcee, and since relocating to Austin in ’09 has been quite active within the local scene. A rare opportunity to see his group CVE perform in Austin presents itself this Saturday night at Jovita’s on South 1st Street. Please see the attached flyer for details.

In the Fall of ’08, OG of LuxuryMindz Photography produced a short documentary film on the Destiny by Design afterschool program. And just the other day, seemingly out of nowhere, none other than Sean “Diddy” Combs posted a link to the Destiny by Design documentary on his famous Diddyblog. Please visit Diddy’s site at to view the documentary and please don’t hesitate to leave a supportive comment.

We at the Narcisse-Banks Community Resource Center are very thankful to our partner CitizenSchools for the opportunity to teach again at Kealing. We are also indebted to all of the artists who have contributed teaching time to the Destiny by Design afterschool program, including AC, Staci Russell, Romeo Navarro, Laura Rios, DJ Hella Yella, Tee Double, DJ Baby G, Lady Legacy, DaBosnian, Pimpin Pen, DJ Rapid Ric, and Gerald G, among many others.

For more info on the Destiny by Design afterschool program, please visit

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