Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Video: Lil Sicc ft. Gerald G - Foolie Wayne

From the we care department... Check out the latest video from Lil Sicc and Gerald G, "Foolie Wayne"!

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More info:

Lil Sicc is an infectuous rapper out of Austin, Texas known for routinely cranking the clubs of 6th Street to full tilt. His new single and video "Foolie Wayne" captures all the epicurean high jinx of a young man at the apex of his hip-hop virility.

Lil Sicc exemplifies the rowdy, raucous nature of a rapper aiming to bring extreme liveliness to any given party. That unmistakable “get bucc with it, put ‘em in the truck with it” 2AM vibe, Sicc bottles up and presents for sale in the form of his ever-crunk song conceptions. Across Texas, he’s well known for his energetic club antics apt to put a smile on the face of anyone within eye-or-earshot. The young man is nothing short of a walking rapture of hip-hop exuberance.

Originally hailing from Dallas, Lil Sicc rallies his current hometown of Austin with a boogie style inherited from the likes of DFW stalwarts Big Tuck and Tum Tum. Sicc’s groundbreaking single “Boi I Go Ham” features Ice B of Basswood Lane and displays more in common with Atlanta’s upbeat trap rap phenomenon than Houston’s sleepier variety of Screwed Up droning. By way of an extensive pile of live shows wrecked in his wake, Sicc knows exactly how to get bodies moving and lung muscles laughing with vigor.

Through a string of headlining mixtapes, with titles including I Am Texas, Da Hardest Solo, Da Siccness, Play 4 Keepz and Chant Muzzic, Lil Sicc crafts club anthems with the expertise of a last call champion. His 2010 dvd release Da Night Life of Lil Sicc showcases the exact sort of shenanigans that make him a 6th Street legend down in Austin. Affiliated with crews including Set 4 Life, Dollaz N Since, Black Face Entertainment and Poison Boyz, Sicc parlays his overriding status as co-owner of Capitol Punishment Records into an all-encompassing venture. Often called upon to host concerts thrown by his colleagues, Sicc leaves crowds thoroughly entertained as if his life depends on it.

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