Sunday, February 07, 2010

Myka 9 - Flamingo Cantina - February 8, 2010

From the tough questions department... Myka 9 @ Flamingo Cantina tomorrow night, Feb 8th! Early show!

More info:

Myka 9 (born Michael Troy) is a rapper from Los Angeles.

Originally known as Microphone Mike, in the 80s he was a member of the MC Aces with Aceyalone and Spoon Iodine. As one of the founding members of Freestyle Fellowship, Myka 9 was instrumental in the scene at the Good Life Cafe in the early 90s. (Timetable contains some of his live recordings from the Good Life Cafe open-mic.) As one of the most stylistically advanced rappers at the Good Life, Myka 9 has had a profound influence on L.A. underground hip hop and freestyle rapping in general. Discussing the influence of Myka 9's song "7th Seal," released in 1991 on Freestyle Fellowship's To Whom It May Concern, Ellay Khule said, " '7th Seal' blew everybody's mind for at least 2 years straight. People studied that shit backwards and forwards -- even we don't know all those words. That made everybody say like 'I gotta get a tape out' or 'I can't rap like so-and-so no more. I can't be in 80s, now we movin' to the 90s.' That totally transferred our musical thought." Drummer and producer JMD said, "Mike was like the Charlie Parker of all these motherfuckers."

He is known for rapid-fire, jazz-influenced, melodic rapping, often incorporating singing and occasionally scatting into his songs. Myka has said of his style, “My rhymes take the direction of a jazz trumpet or sax solo, like Miles or Trane, if I was to rhyme in the same meter as those notes . . . that’s my concept.”

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