Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Planet Rock Party 8 - Creekside Lounge - July 25, 2009

From the outrigging department... Romeo Navarro presents... Planet Rock Party 8 @ Creekside Lounge this Saturday, July 25th!

Yep. I'll be there. Ernesto where you at!

More info:

A B-boy or B-girl is a person devoted to hip hop culture, more specifically, bboying/break-dancing. Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew explains the origin of the term - “the word b-boy originated from Kool Herc … b-boys and b-girls - break boys, break girls” [1]. Although numerous b-boys have suggested that the term refers to the 'breaks' on a record [1], Kool Herc says that this is not the case - “b-boy – boys that break, it didn’t come from breaks on the record, it comes from… this man he ‘broke’, he went to a point, a breaking point… we just used that exaggeration of that term to the dancing – the b-boys, break boys” [1]. The term quickly came to include any followers of hip hop, identifiable by attire, music listening preferences or lifestyle, but in recent years has reverted to its specific usage in connection with dance.

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