Monday, October 15, 2007

Galactic - Stubb's - October 31, 2007

From the Blog Action Day department... Galactic @ Stubb's on Oct. 31st... Halloween... ooo... also on stage... you got Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and Mr. Lif and Lifesavas... and on top of all that... $500 costume contest! I've got my iPhone costume ready fulz. ;)

Anyways... haven't written in a while... things have been hectic as hell... I'll definitely explain in the coming days... to those who have written in... much love... I haven't forgotten, I'll be writing back soon...

So for Blog Action Day today, which is a day all bloggers will write about a single issue, the environment, in their own special way... and so Austin Hip-Hop Scene would like to acknowledge today... the environmental contributions of the green sticky-icky. May one day all realize it's benefits.

More info:

Galactic is a funk and jazz group from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Originally formed in 1994 as an octet (under the name Galactic Prophylactic) and including singer Chris Lane and guitarist Rob Gowen, the group was soon pared down to an instrumental sextet comprised of: guitarist Jeff Raines, bassist Robert Mercurio, drummer Stanton Moore, saxophonist Ben Ellman and Hammond organist Rich Vogel, later adding Theryl DeClouet on vocals.

The group was started when Raines and Mercurio, childhood friends from the Washington D.C. area, moved to New Orleans together to attend college at Tulane University, and became enamored of the local funk scene, populated by such legendary acts as The Meters and inspired by local legends such as Professor Longhair. There they teamed with noted New Orleans drummer Stanton Moore, who eventually became the driving force behind Galactic. In 2004, the band parted ways with vocalist DeClouet, and now continue as an instrumental group.

The band has developed a unique sound as a result of their influences, including: hip hop, Go-Go, electronic, world music, Latin music, rock, blues and jazz.

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