Sunday, September 02, 2007

Boombox - The Parish - September 7, 2007

From the ... department... Boombox @ The Parish on Sept 7th for their CD release party, Feel the Boombox. Much success to Boombox on their album. One of Austin's longest running shows at Lucky Lounge every Tuesday night, I can personally say it's always a good time. Can't wait to hear the new album... someone wanna send me a copy. :)

So helping Boombox ring in the momentous night are The Handsomes and Pilaseca. Get your tix here.

More info:

The result is Boombox. The 10-man band, featuring MC Overlord and MC Trey God, a brass section headed by Sosa called the GrooveLine Horns, a guitarist, bassist, drummer, DJ and keyboardist, played their first San Marcos show Thursday at Lucy’s San Marcos.

“So now our record’s almost done and we just really decided to get out of town and start playing around Texas, L.A. and New York and started doing something with it,” Sosa said. “It’s too good just to play every Tuesday night and then disappear.”

Boombox has been playing Tuesday nights at the Lucky Lounge on 5th Street in Austin for the past three years, according to Sosa.

“This is my baby, you know. I was in Japan with Rob Thomas and flew back every week just to play with Boombox and go back,” Sosa said. “It’s just a really good thing.”

Ross Tyler, an Austinite who frequents their shows, said the band packs Lucky Lounge.

“They sell it out every night. They bring the fire marshal in because there are too many people,” Tyler said. “There’s a line outside the door for them every Tuesday.”

MC Overlord, or Donnell Robinson, said Boombox is all about producing great music and bringing hip hop back to basics.

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