Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sol.Illaquists of Sound - Emo's - January 23, 2007

What a day... stressful... I wish I could levitate and meditate... like that fool in the pic. :)

Sol.iLLaquists of Sound seem like come cool cats... never heard of them... but their song "As If We Existed" is really putting me at ease right now.

Ever have that feeling that you were just starting to make some progress towards building something really special and then all of a sudden everything just seems to crumble almost immediately? That's my current state of affairs.


More info:

sol·illaquist of sound (soul il kwist uv sah oo nd) n. 1. A play on words describing an individual whose efforts in searching for one's self reveal his/her soul to an audience, often through some type of art medium. 2. One who recognizes his/her self and the reflection of self in those around them see also Swamburger, Alexandra(h), DiViNCi, Tonya Combs, and Charles Wilson III.

It would be an understatement to call the Sol·iLLaquists of Sound a mere Hip-Hop Band. Their message and ambitious fusion of varied stylistic genres continue to reinvent the perceptions and experience of music as a whole. The group consists of four dynamic individuals: Swamburger, Alexandrah, Tonya Combs, and DiViNCi. As they are each talented, focused and motivated enough to hold their own, they prove to be an undeniably ruthless force when working together. Backed by a powerful message of self-awareness, the Sol·iLLaquists combine rapid-fire lyricism, jazz-tinged vocals, insightful poetry, and innovative live electronic performance. It's not a rare occurrence for members of the audience as well as the band to be brought to tears by the level of truth and energy put forth in any one Sol·iLLaquists performance.

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