Monday, November 21, 2005

DJ Spinay - Zero Degrees - Nov. 22, 2005

Looking for some pre-thanksgiving day hip-hop festivities? Might try checking out this slew of dj's at Zero Degrees.

I'm currently chillin' in H-town doin' the fam thing... so hopefully ya'll can tell me about it...

Here's a description off of Forbidden Rhythm:

"Forbidden Rhythm is a collective of talented and motivated individuals who have a sum of over 20 years of experience with the party, radio and production scene. While we might not all be blood-related, the love of music courses through all of our veins and enables us to to achieve a common goal together. We all have different talents, and we help each other develop new ones. That's what sets us apart from other entertainment groups. The different styles and infused ingenuity call for a level of musical understanding unrivaled by many other groups."

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