Thursday, August 25, 2005

Customary First Post

So this is prob. a trite and unnecessary post as all first post are... but I tried looking for a forum here in Austin, TX (ATX) where I could find the latest information about the local hip-hop scene... and guess what... couldn't find one... :) This all started because a few friends and I went to the DJ Q-Bert show last Saturday at the Sky Lounge... now that was tight! So I started wondering if there were any sites online to tell me where the shows were... no luck... so getting sick of going to the Red Fez every weekend... I figure there must be some other joints in town... I already know of some hot scenes around town... Monday nights at Nastys... Wednesday nights at Tambaleo (Krunkaoke)... and of course the Fez... so come at me with something fresh... and my promise is I'll try to keep this going...

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